Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More of my favorites

here are some more of my favorite photos from the last year or so. hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ok, so my husband is into dogs...

This is how I start out my sentence when I am trying to explain to someone why my husband had to make a one day trip to Indiana. Or a four day trip to Wisconsin. Or 1/2 day trip to Ohio. He enjoys hunting and he loves to hunt with dogs and he will go to great lengths to ensure the dogs he owns are the best around. Above you can see him with some of his favorites. First up is with his favorite girl Shadow. Then he is kneeling with an offspring of Shadow's, our boy Haze. Next are two pups from our last litter and my beagle Rabbit running through the neighbor's cow field. Last but not least is Mike doing what he does best, watching over his dogs.
...I've got several dogs barking outside (our neighbors LOVE us) and two puppies playing on the couch behind me. Life is Good and though I sound crazy to most people when I tell all about our "family", I wouldn't trade any of this.
So even though I start out by trying to explain what my husband is doing I have to admit... I'm into dogs too.