Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soon-to-be-big-sister Rachael

Here are a few shots from my latest session. Rachael is my goddaughter and is so beautiful... not that you would know by these pictures. She is also a little on the stubborn side and decided that she did not need to look at me while I was holding the camera to my face and saying things like "Hey Rachael, look over here, Smile for me Rachael..." You get the idea. So far these are my favorites, but it is so hard to pick a favorite of this sweet girl who will be a big sister by next Friday.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lil Miss Firecracker

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful July 4th weekend. Here at Casa Laster things were quite. I was alone this weekend with the Rabbit and Daisy's new puppies (pictures to come soon) due to Mike being out of town on dog business and though I missed my dear husband it was AWESOME to get to do what I wanted to for the entire weekend. Yes folks, I got to watch the Food Network, bake bread, take photos of the new pups and edit my backlog of photos to my hearts content all weekend long. Did I already mention that? I crashed at a friend's house for a few hours on the 4th and got to spend time eating, watching a stupid movie (is there really any other kind?) and taking pictures of this little cutie. She is so full of herself and her daddy isn't going to know what hit him when she turns 13.