Sunday, September 14, 2008

Favors from my friends

Here is how the first conversation went:
ME: Hey Hannah, what are you doing tomorrow? I need a favor.
Hannah: I have to coach volleyball, why?
ME: I need you to be a model for a photo I want to use on a CD cover. No one will see you, it's just a silhouette of you. So, can you do it on Saturday?
Hannah: Yeah, I guess.
ME: Ok, thanks I'll call you later with a time.
Hannah: OK, just let me know.

The next conversation:
ME: Hey Brenda, can I use your front yard to take some pictures of Hannah G?
Brenda: That's fine. What time?
ME: About 7pm.
Brenda: OK, see you then.

As it turns out my life is a little "interesting", and because my life is interesting I tend to ask my friends for interesting (read strange) favors. Like true friends do, they always pull through. Let's us not forget the every popular, "Cindy can I trade cars with you so I can drive to beach? Your car gets better gas mileage than mine. Thanks!"

Here is the finished (kinda) CD cover with my friend Hannah in my other friend Brenda's front yard. Thanks Ladies!!

The first one is my favorite and the second is the one the band has picked out.

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the laster family said...

WOW! Absolutely amazing! Great Job!!!