Sunday, January 4, 2009

A peek at Jack...and his hair!

Meet Jack... an absolutely gorgeous little boy. Look at that hair! His mom, Laura Beth, let me practice some of my Sandy Puc poses with the two of them. Thank you so much Laura Beth.


georgi_claudia said...

The photos are absolutely gorgeous. It's a pitty you cannot take pictures of our son! We are so proud of him!! You can see some pictures on my blog: or on my husband's blog (where you can also read his poems, he just started the blog, so he needs a little encouragement);
All the best wishes from us!

Sam's World said...

Excellent work!
What an amazing looking baby!

Happiness to you,
Sandy Puc'

allison said...

Sandy this means so much. Thank you for taking time to look. Hope you are having a wonderful start to your new year.
Many blessings,

copper said...

Thank you, Alisson. This is heartwarming. I must say your work is beautiful too (cfr. your baby Jack). Hope you'll be able to enjoy every day.