Sunday, January 11, 2009


In the name of shameless self promotion... I entered the December photo contest over at Towner Jones Photography and won! The theme was "Your best photo of 2008". I entered this silhouette photo I shot for the cover of the PS 149 CD. I love the line of her body in this shot and the way she looks grounded and expressive in her love for her Father. It was actually my pick for the cover but the band decided otherwise though they did let me put it on the back. I got the email from Rob on Wednesday and it made my day! Thanks again Rob.


georgi_claudia said...

Hello Allison!

Indeed, a very beautiful photo! it was worthy to win!Good day!

copper said...

Congrats Dili. Stuning picture.

copper said...

Hey Allison.
First of all an apology because I see and read (but always to late) I do nothing but making mistakes when I comment on your blog.
Secondly great pictures! Always!

the laster family said...

YEA!!!! I LOVE that picture! That will be my next request by the way!! CONGRATS to yoU!